I’m Mihail Mirzac and I’m glad to be here!

As TIME is important to all of us, I don’t want you to read information you don’t need. For this reason I invite you to have a look at the main points below.

If your answer is YES to at least one of the following statements, then I invite you to give it just 5 minutes to read it till the end:

You don’t have enough time for yourself and your family.

You want to increase your cashflow but you do not know how.

You’re tired of working many hours a day, every day.

You don’t feel rewarded for the work you do.

Do you think you deserve more?


CashFlow SetUP was founded in September 2017 by a small group of young entrepreneurs coming from different sectors and with different professional backgrounds.

After years of hard work, they realized that their cashflow didn’t actually increase as they were expected. Brought together by common interests, they tried to understand the causes and discovered that the only reason was the “everyday life” that everyone was leading.

They understood that it was important to introduce new habits, behaviours, strategies and the most important, to create a business that allows them to not only create wealth (income), but as well maintain it, but above all, day by day to grow. Because many of the businesses won’t bring us a financial freedom.

In a short time, sharing the same aspiration and motivation, they managed to achieve it based on a “common vision”.

The result was amazing!

What does “Financial Freedom” mean?

Being “financially free” means having sufficient wealth to live on without depending on income from some form of employment, an income you earn apart from a passive income.

These automatic revenue sources are defined as such when they absolutely do not need any intervention to be received.

The life you’ve always wanted is closer than you think! It’s easy to get it, but it’s your responsibility to get to it and then live it.

Only you are responsible for what you are and what you have today, for what you will be and have tomorrow.

It is not a coincidence that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

Do you want to be the protagonist of your life?

If you didn’t get what you wanted so far, despite all your efforts, then you need our help!

The CashFlow SetUP team has decided to share this business, valid experiences and strategies with anyone who wants to become “Financial Free”.

What benefits will you get?


You’ll be part of an experienced team and you’ll have our support until you’ll feel successful.

Personal growth.

Better lifestyle.

You will increase your CashFlow.

Automatic entry 100% guaranteed.

But, is it easy?

The two biggest obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals are fear and doubts.

The fear is that you will not succeed, that you’ll lose the money and you’re not good enough. Doubts concern our capabilities. Remember that you’ve learned these emotions, they’re not innate.

Programmed as ROBOTS !!!

Another obstacle that prevents people is scheduling.

From an early age we had people who explained us how to plan our life, for example, our educational path, but nobody ever explained how to be free, have money … On the contrary, we have made to understand that having money is something bad and untouchable.

When we were young, we almost all looked at cartoons such as “The Simpsons,” the boss of Homer Simpson, the richest citizen of Springfield, he was credited as greedy and wrong.

But let’s move on to another example: “Paperon de Paperoni” the richest in the Disney world sends the same message: he is rich but with a greyed and greedy attitude.

Then the movie “Titanic” that touched the whole world: the actor Billy Zane, who plays the role of Cal Hockley, is the richest but credited as Rose’s beloved evil party, disliked by “almost” everyone.

But let’s go back to us. Thinking at all of these characters, a thought comes to our mind: “If becoming rich means being greedy, selfish and evil, then I don’t want to be rich!” In fact, our beliefs determine our results.

Money is just an amplifier that works by increasing what you already are. It will give you more opportunities, more freedom and more options.

Wealth, on the other hand, is different…

95% of charities in the world are built by wealthy people.

Richness is not the same as money. Wealth is not measured by the size of income. Richness is measured by time.

If all I have under my name is $1,000 but my living expenses are $100 per day, then my fortune is equivalent to 10 days. Richness is the ability to survive a certain number of days in the future, also called CASHFLOW.

Ask yourself: “If I stop working today, how could I survive financially?” Your answer is equal to your wealth at the moment.

Now you’re upset about corruption around the world. You are angry with the government, the stock market and the big banks because they work too much on the wrong things and little at the right things.

Or maybe you should be angry with yourself because you in the first place didn’t take control of your finances?

Life is hard. The problem is: WHAT DO YOU DO?

To complain about the economy or to blame someone will not save your financial future. If you want wealth, you have to create it. You have to take care of your future by taking control of your income source today!

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